About Us

About Astro Ayurvedas Center

Astro Ayurvedam is a traditional herbal medicine care center in Jalandhar. We helps you find cures for various ailments, ranging from Joint Pain, Hair Loss Issues, Skin Issues, Weight Issues, Cancer, Sexual Issues, Memory Issues, Gastrointestinal issues among other ailments.

At Astro Ayurvedam, we cure a large number of diseases with only Ayurvedic medicines. We use a range of  treatments – including panchakarma, yoga, massage, acupuncture and natural herbal plants to encourage your health and well being. Our medicines are pure Ayurvedic and chemical free and we provide individualised care and attention for every patient’s needs.

Pure Ayurvedic Treatment

We Use Natural Herbs and Best Remedies for your Health care

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We deliver the best quality and guarantee 100% results without any side effects

Experienced Doctors

We have 20+ Years of experience in Ayurveda Treatments